ACCP Announces the Launch of "Kathos" Journal

June 10, 2019

The ACCP is proud to announce the initial launch of "Kathos", the Greek word for "including...", the online journal of Cathopathic medicine and the ACCP. This journal will feature peer reviewed clinical research articles focusing on Cathopathic medicine. Kathos is also designed to include patient perspective stories on ways the practice of medicine with a cathopathic approach has changed their lives and experiences in health care, a student section, as well as space for editorials, opinion pieces, and a point/counterpoint section for debating trending topics. 


The goal of this publication is to allow us, as an organization, to define what cathopathic medicine is. How our backgrounds in nursing philosophy has informed our practice of medicine today, and how we continue to use this approach to provide quality patient care. 

We are looking for members interested in joining the editorial board/peer-reviewer panel, as well as those who would like to submit pieces for consideration.  To apply for a position on the editorial board, to become a peer reviewer, please complete the contact form below.

To submit manuscripts for consideration, please click here or select the tab in the menu above.  

Interested in a role on our Editorial Board or becoming a Peer-Reviewer?

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