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ACCP Manuscript Submission Policies and Guidelines


Policies: Manuscripts are accepted for publication in Kathos: The Journal of Cathopathic Medicine & The American College of Cathopathic Physicians (herein referred to as “Kathos” or “the journal”). The Editorial Board of the American College of Cathopathic Physicians (herein referred to as “ACCP” or “the organization”) reserves the right to accept or reject all submitted manuscripts. Accepted manuscripts are published in agreement with the policies outlined in the accepted submission email and remain, in-part, the property of the original author(s). These may be reproduced in other publications in whole or in part, with express written permission from the Editor and Publisher of the other accepting organizations indicating their acknowledgement of Kathos’s prior publication and intent to retain rights to online publication of the same indefinitely.  Upon acceptance of a manuscript, it will be necessary for the editorial board of Kathos to receive in writing agreement of the copyright policy above from all listed authors of the manuscript.


Peer Review and Acceptance Policies: All submitted manuscripts are subject to review by the Editorial Board and forwarded to anonymous reviewers for blind peer-review. The manuscript must be clearly written, logically organized, and must not have been previously published, nor be under consideration for publication, in another journal. Kathos reserves the right to edit accepted manuscripts for clarity, style, and space requirements. Edited draft manuscripts will be provided to the authors for approval prior to final publication.  Authors are responsible for checking the accuracy of the copy as it appears in the edited version. Authors retain the right to reject editing and re-submit, or withdraw their manuscripts for consideration if this intent is submitted in writing before the provided deadline.

Preparation of the Manuscript: Authors should prepare electronic versions of the manuscript for submission. These will need to include the title, abstract, and text in Microsoft Word format, along with an electronic version of the full manuscript, including figures and tables, in PDF format. This PDF should produce a double-spaced copy of the original manuscript formatted for printing on standard 8.5 x 11-inch paper, with one-inch margins and 12-point font. All research manuscripts should include a title (without authors listed), abstract and text, and separate pages including tables and legends for figures. Insert page numbers in the top right-hand corner of each page. As a separate document, submission will include the author(s) name(s) and a signed attestation by all of the following: The author(s) of this submitted manuscript attest that neither all nor part of this manuscript has been published elsewhere in its present form, nor currently under review by any other publication.  Electronic copies of the manuscript will be uploaded to the ACCP and Kathos webpage using the organizations established manuscript submission tool.  For additional information refer to the Correspondence Regarding Manuscript section below.


Organization of Manuscript: All scientific manuscripts are expected contain the following

  1. Author’s Page: Lists names for all authors, as well as professional titles, degrees, and academic/professional affiliation of all authors.  Please identify the corresponding author and their mailing address, phone number, and email addresses (please include professional and personal email addresses if possible). This page should include the above referenced signed attestation, as well as a the following:

    1. Declaration of Conflicting Interests (or the statement: The author(s) declared no potential conflicts of interest with respect to the research, authorship, and/or publication of this manuscript.) 

    2. Declaration of Funding (or the statement: The author received no financial support for the research, authorship, and/or publication of this manuscript.) You may alter this declaration to reflect funding or to list potential conflicts, for further review by the Kathos editorial board.

  2. Manuscript:

    1. Title Page: Include a brief informative title of no more than two lines. Please remove all author’s identifying data for blinded review purposes. These will be included in a separate authors page as above.

    2. Abstract and Keywords: Include an abstract of no more than 200 words that describes the essential premise of the paper. An abstract for a research papers should include the purpose, brief methods, results, and conclusions of the study. The abstract should not contain unique abbreviations or acronyms. No references are necessary for the abstract. Below the abstract, include at least three keywords in order of relevance for indexing purposes.

    3. Text: Subheadings should be used to divide areas of the article.

      1. Articles about Cathopathic theories and theory development should include a brief introductory paragraph followed by the main body of the article.

      2. Articles on clinical practice of Cathopathic medicine should include a summary of current guidelines and practice recommendations, as well as concepts relevant to a nursing perspective, with detailed examples of how nursing theory is to be used in clinical practice.

      3. Articles reporting findings of quantitative and qualitative research should include a brief introduction, which succinctly summarizes a) the research question, b) the practice setting, and c) review of literature. Subsequent sections are expected to include the methodology, discussion of findings, and conclusions of the research as related to clincial practice of Cathopathic Medicine.

    4. References: References will be listed at the end of the manuscript according to APA format. Personal communications and incidental comments should be identified in accordance with APA format and included into the body of the text itself, and are not to be included in references.

  3. Tables and Figures: Please submit a separate document with tables and figures in PDF format. These should be used to more clearly express data, concepts, and ideas when doing so with words would be difficult in the same amount of space. Tables and figures should be clearly referenced in the text.

    1. Tables: Please set all the tables double spaced, at the end of each article below the references. Please number the tables consecutively, in the order they appear in the text, and include a descriptive title for each, the page in which the table is referenced in the text, and source of the data. Any abbreviations or acronyms should be clearly explained in a table footnote.

    2. Figures: Please number each figure consecutively, in the order they appear in the text. Each figure should appear on a separate page including a descriptive title, the page in which the figure is referenced in the text, and a brief description of the figure (limited to 50 words). The source of the data, as well as any abbreviations or acronyms, should be clearly detailed in the figure footnote.  High quality electronic copies of figures in should be submitted in one or more of the following formats: TIFF, EPS, JPEG, or PNG. Line art (black and white) should be scanned at 1200 ppi or higher.

  4. Permission to Reprint: If the manuscript contains direct use of previously published material, signed permission of the author and publisher of the original work must be submitted with the manuscript.


Style and Format: Authors should follow the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition).


Correspondence Regarding Manuscript: Please submit your initial manuscripts, as detailed above, online via the Kathos link on the webpage ( Requests for submissions of revisions and resubmissions will be done, in most cases, via email with the Editorial Board.

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